Sunday at the Apostolic Church, Waltham Forest

It was an honour and a privilege to address the fine congregation last week. Thank you to the or so worshipers of all ages 70 people of all ages who gave me such a warm welcome, and to Pastor Birkett for inviting me.

As the Church primarily serves the local black community, it was great to speak on issues of grave concern to you, such as policing, racism, youth crime and housing. As I said on Sunday, I am already looking into who I will appoint as the next Metropolitan Police Commissioner, and vowed to make a priority of reversing the declining trend of ethnic minority officers.

I am also glad we had time to address general issues of transport, congestion and pollution, as well as, of course, the upcoming EU Referendum.

As I told the congregation, in cosying up to the European Community, now the EU, Mrs. Thatcher shamefully slammed the door shut on our brothers and sisters in the Commonwealth, with whom we share so much, and to whom we owe so much. As Mayor of London, I will campaign with every breath in my body for a reversal to this historic injustice.

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